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Rad na video How to destroy the world. Food ( How to destroy the world. Food ( uništiti svijet. Hrana)

U osvit života stoljećima je proveo usred haosa chaos i ubistvo murder To je bila krvava bitka za opstanak A bloody fight for survival Svi su bili gladni i da je obrok Everyone was hungry and everything was food Uključujući i nas Including us Sada smo loviti u supermarketima i prigradskim shopping centrima Nowadays we hunt in supermarkets and out-of-town malls a naučnici su stalno modifikovane hrane, da bi se bolje, više zgodan i atraktivan. Ali kako to korisno healthy za osobu?

Dr. Shelley je bila vrlo strastvena stvaranje Smart Food smart food što je lako rasti easy to grow ona će self-picking ona je isporučio self-deliverin g) i za to da ona jede happy to be eaten . Izumitelj ne uzima u obzir da pametan jelo instinkt za preživljavanje survival instinct Ljudi su zatečeni People were taken by surprise

Nudimo posao na video o tome kako naučnici pokušavaju nadmudriti prirodu outwit the nature i ono što je od njega. Vježba №1 i №2 se izvršavaju biste vidjeli video. Postavljanje №5 dizajniran za rad u učionici, jer predlaže izradu i igraju na dijalog.


  1. What is your attitude to genetically modified food? Can you suggest any advantages and disadvantages?
  2. Match the words and their definitions:

    1 Chaos (n) a Confusion and fear, usually caused by violent behavior or by some sudden shocking event
    2 Murder (n) b A person who invents
    3 Mayhem (n) c Witty and intelligent
    4 Fight (n) d Complete disorder; utter confusion
    5 Survival (n) e Generous or ample supplies of wealth, produce, or resources
    6 Hunt (v) f To defeat smb / smth or gain an advantage over them by doing smth clever
    7 Mall (n) g Killing of one human being by another
    8 Inventor (n) h A struggle against smth / smb using physical force
    9 Smart (adj) i Shopping center
    10 Plenty (n) j To destroy or remove smb / smth completely
    11 Outwit (v) k To seek out and kill or capture (eg wild animals) for food
    12 To wipe out l To receive money, property, etc. from smb when they die
    13 Inherit (v) m The state of continuing to live or exist, often in spite of difficulty or danger

  3. Put the statements in the correct order:
    1. Pets disappeared.
    2. People hunt for food in malls.
    3. Smart food was invented.
    4. There was absolute mayhem in ancient times.
    5. Compost and fruit flies inherited the earth.
    6. Smart vegetables wiped out fruit.
    7. Food ruled the world.
    8. People disappeared.
    9. Dr. Shelly invented a chicken-pig.
  4. Change the words in bolt into their synonyms from the list:

                  wiped out smart fight malls outwit

    1. In the beginning life was a bloody battle for survival.
    2. Nowadays people buy things in out-of-town shopping centres
    3. He is very intelligent
    4. Genetically engineered food is an attempt to outsmart the nature.
    5. Whole villages were destroyed by the earthquake.
  5. Work in pairs. You are a journalist, your partner is Dr. Shelly. Roleplay an interview. Ask Dr. Shelly’s about her previous inventions and her future plans – smart food. Try to predict the result of her invention. Make use of the following words and phrases:
    • Chicken-pig – svinotsyplenok.
    • Smart food – inteligentna jelo.
    • Easy to grow – lako rasti.
    • Self-picking – što je samo po sebi ide.
    • Self-delivering – koja je i sama se isporučuje.
    • Happy to be eaten – za to da ona jede.
    • The age of plenty – doba obilja.
    • To outwit the nature – nadmudriti prirodu.
    • Survival instinct – instinkt preživljavanja.
    • To wipe smth out – uništiti.
    • To rule the world – vladaju svijetom.
    • To be taken by surprise – ulov / uhvaćen nespremni.
    • To take its course – da je vodim, ide svojim tokom.
    • Compost – kompost.
    • Fruit fly – voće Fly.
    • To inherit the earth – naslediti zemlju.



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